Poetry Diary

8th June 2021 Projects

Sorry Soul She Is (July 2021)

Cobbled paths and grey asphalt,
Green-lined lanes aimed to please.
As the steps slouch with shoulders deep as thought,
Ought to know the way, but don’t.

Decay of life eating,
Slow beating walk,
Sunglasses tinted,
Bitter talk of disappear,
Right now, right here.
I weave present - past into dark despair,
No use, to wear a happy face.
Delays of darkness,
Arches, arches
And my cat cries.

Limbs dangling from the joint,
No point in even trying,
Crying all the way,
A day like yesterday, like yesterday.

Away with you! Please sleep,
Give peace and sweet relief!
And deep I go into the hole,
Tomorrow is the only goal.
Tomorrow, so I hope, will pay the bail.
I wail like an old maid.
Too late for her to be saved.
Sorry soul she is.
Tryin’ so hard.
Oh dear!

Sorry Soul She Is © Sylvia Schmidt 25/05/20


Pass On The Black (June 2021)

 Pass on the black,
The lack of communication,
A wealth of deprivation,
Trickled down to haunt your days.
Redefine the deck.
Ignore the one that’s dealt.
Just melt your past’s contamination
Until the bones grin bare.
Perhaps, it’s time for a good clear-out,
Handing back those dried-up branches
That served their cause just fine back then.
Perhaps, a thorough compostation of their baggage will clear sky.
No, I won’t deny the crooked folds in which my mind exists.
But do I have to key that worn-out message into the current cloth?
Throw back the black they offered silently within their own cruel

Pass On The Black © Sylvia Schmidt 04/05/21

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