8th June 2021 Projects

‘Remembering’ is a twelve-track, fully improvised collaborative vocal album produced by Jaka Škapin, out on the 2nd of July 2021 (exclusively on Bandcamp). It was recorded live at Soup Studios in London, during a 3-hour session on 19th July 2020 bringing together some of UK’s most experienced vocal improvisers, Briony Greehill, Guillermo Rozenthuler, Marcia Willis, Kate Smith and Sylvia Schmidt. There was no rehearsal, plan or musical director, just an open space with an invitation to express what was keptRead More

Kitchman / Schmidt

27th November 2020 Projects

Sylvia met guitarist James Kitchman in 2014 – on stage at one of London’s late-night jam sessions. Originally drawn together by the richness and variety of the jazz tradition, they have sought to explore more diverse sources of inspiration, including Anglo-American folk ballads of the Appalachian mountains. Their sound embraces the dynamic tension between forces of preservation and transformation, creating a space in which the haunting beauty of nostalgia and irresistibility of change intersect. The debut album ‘As Long AsRead More

Poetry Diary

8th June 2021 Projects

Rewind (September 2021) You sit tight and still And drown your face in wine. From time to time you shake and mutter: It was all too great. It was all mine.   Like an ancient king’s your reign was golden And so was your pride. Your price was never even spoken And the stakes were swindling high.   You shake your dusty coat Your wounds still moist and shiny You raise your head Madness turning eye to eye You danceRead More


30th October 2020 Projects

London based trio Glasshopper, is an exciting young group born out of a love for melody and improvisation. Led by its saxophonist Jonathan Chung, the group brings together the creative minds of guitarist James Kitchman (Kitchman / Schmidt, James Kitchman Quartet) and drummer Corrie Dick (Dinosaur). Influenced by the free, jazz, rock and folk worlds, the band performs Jonathan’s emotionally sophisticated compositions with reverence and abandon, intricately weaving together moments of sonic bliss and euphoric rock-outs. With improvisation at theRead More

White Flower

White Flower

2nd December 2019 Projects

Formed as a response to the erratic and all-consuming city of London, White Flower offers its audiences an opportunity to step away from urban life, pay attention to intimate sound, and be drawn into dream-like sonorities. Through creating a focus on stillness & silence, but exploring uncomfortability & contradiction, a trance-like catharsis is offered for contemplation. The music draws richly from folk music, but is approached through the lens of contemporary classical, improvisation and sound art perspectives. It may beRead More


1st December 2019 Projects

The Elusive … unites a collective of musicians around the idea of cross-pollination. Their eclectic compositions – though rooted in jazz – explore a plethora of stylistic influences, geographic confluences and mood-swings. The group was founded in 2016 by Sicilian jazz guitarist Fabrizio Brusca (Manziluna) and German vocalist Sylvia Schmidt who provide the compositional food for the band. However, the destinct artistic voices of pianist Maria Chiara Argiro (Liran Donin’s 1000 Boats, Kinkajous, These New Puritans), bassist Thodoris Ziarkas (ValiaRead More


Mimika Orchestra

30th November 2019 Projects

Mimika is an alternative jazz, world & progressive art music orchestra from London, formed of 20 of London’s most sought after musicians, performing original music by composer Mak Murtic. Mimika Orchestra was founded in London in 2010 by the Croatian composer and saxophonist Mak Murtic. It has been dubbed as one of London’s most creative, trans-idiomatic orchestras, taking audiences on an adventurous journey to where jazz collides with other musical genres and art forms, telling anthropological, cultural and mythological stories of the future andRead More